Our Northwest Modern style uses raw materials to create beauty that will only enhance with use.


Jeff Brown Architecture designs with a passion for weaving beautiful lives into beautiful architecture. Established in 2015, Jeff Brown brings 40 years of management and permit experience to his practice, as well as his personal talent and passion to connect people to the possibilities of architecture. Our philosophy is to understand the needs and dreams of our client, and provide homes and spaces that delight and enrich their lives.

We design in a New Century Modern and Northwest Industrial Style that seeks to use classic proportions, the economies of relational and geometric order, and unity of detail, form, function, and texture. With a New Century Modern and Northwest Industrial Style approach to design, we create delightful spaces through whimsical surprises and innovation.​ We believe in using indigenous Northwest materials including stone, concrete, steel, glass, and wood and embracing the idea of people, and buildings, aging with beauty.